Southeast Asia — New Zealand


First liver transplant performed at Sydney

The world’s most isolated nation became less isolated – first 737, 1968

Air New Zealand formed, 1965 (takes Australian share of Tasman Empire                             Airways, Limited); new airport opens in 1966

Second surgeon in the world to replace a heart valve from a cadaver (62)

First major oil strike, 1969

Exports to Britain drop;

One party, one PM, 1960-1972 – “Steady as she goes.”

Most powerful earthquake of the 20th century (9.5) off Chile in 1960; 9.2 in                                     1964 (Alaska);

really excels in sports out of all proportion to population – Olympics (Peter                            Snell, etc), America’s Cup, etc. Hugely successful in rugby golden age for the All Blacks (e.g., 36-1 in 1963);

New Zealander wins British Open (first left hander – 1963); Formula One 1967;

New Zealand-born Maurice Wilkins wins DNA Nobel Prize (Rutherford)

NAFTA – 1965

University of Waikato founded at Hamilton in 1964 – now in top 2% in world

Kiri Te Kanawa – NZ/Maori launched

Decimal currency 1967 – whatever – match Australia


National Trust of Australia (architecture chapter) – founded 1965

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