Literature – Poets & Poems, 1960-75


Sylvia Plath, The Colossus and other Poems
W.D. Snodgrass, Heart’s Needle (Pulitzer Prize)
Charles Olson, The Distances
Gwendolyn Brooks, The Bean Eaters



Allen Ginzberg, Kaddish and other poems
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Starting from San Francisco
Phyllis McGinley, Times Three: Selected Verse for 3 Decades (Pulitzer Prize)
Randall Jarrell, The Woman at the Washington Zoo (National Book Award)
Langston Hughes, Ask your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz
Richard Wilbur, Advice to a Prophet and other poems



Jack Gilbert, Jeopardy
Alan Dugan, Poems (Pulitzer Prize)
Muriel Rukeyser, Waterlily Poems 1935-1962
Kingsley Amis, Evans County



William Carlos Williams, Pictures from Breugel (Pulitzer Prize)
James Wright, The Branch will not Break
Mary Oliver, No Voyages, and other Poems
Kenneth Rexroth, Natural Numbers: New and Selected Poems
May Swenson, To Mix with Time



Louis Simpson, At the End of the Open Road (Pulitzer Prize)
Robert Duncan, Roots and Branches
William Meredith, The Wreck of the Thresher and other Poems
Frank O’Hara, Lunch Poems
Ron Padgett, In Advance of a Broken Arm
Amiri Baraka, The Dead Lectures:  Poems
Theodore Roethke, The Fan Field
John Ciardi, Person to Person
Karl Shapiro, The Bourgeois Poet



Jean Valentine, Dream Barker and Other Poems
John Berryman, 77 Dream Songs (Pulitzer Prize)
Robert Creeley, Poems 1950-1965



Richard Eberhard, Selected Poems (Pulitzer Prize)
John Ciardi, The Monster Den (Children's Verse)


Anne Sexton, To Live or Die (Pulitzer Prize)
Muriel Rukeyser, The Outer Banks
Robert Creeley, A  Sight
Thom Gunn, Touch



Anthony Hecht, The Hard Hours (Pulitzer Prize)
Robert Bly, The light around the body (National Book Award)
Howard Nemerov, The Winter Lightening: Selected Poems
Audre Lorde, The First Cities
Mark Strand, Reasons for Moving:  Poems
Anne Waldman, On the Wing



George Oppen, Of Being Numerous (Pulitzer Prize)
John Berryman, History, his dream, his rest (National Book Award)
Richard Hugo, Good Luck in Cracked Italian
Kenneth Koch, The Pleasures of Peace and other Poems
Charles Simic, Somewhere among Us a Stone is Taking Notes
Maya Angelou, I know why the Caged Bird Sings



Stanley Plumley, In the outer dark: poems
Richard Howard, Untitled Subjects (Pulitzer Prize)
Elizabeth Bishop, Complete Poems (National Book Award)
Denise Levertov, Relearning the Alphabet
W.D. Snodgrass, Remains
Marge Piercy, Dance the Eagle to Sleep
Michael Harper, Dear John, Dear Coltrane
James Tate,The Oblivion Ha-Ha
William Stafford, Allegiances



W.S. Merwin, The Carrier of Ladders (Pulitzer Prize)
Denise Levertov, Staying Alive
Galway Kinnell, The Book of Nightmares
Donald Justice, From a Notebook
John Ciardi, Lives of X
Stanley Kumitz, Testing-Trees



James Wright, Collected Poems (Pulitzer Prize)
W.D. Auden, Epistle to a Godson
Lucille Clifton, Good News about the Earth
Lyn Hejinian, A gRReat adventure



Robert Hass, Field Guide
Maxine Kumin, Up Country (Pulitzer Prize)
Amy Clampitt, Multitudes, Multitudes
Frank Bidart, Golden State
Dave Smith, Mean Rufus Throw Down



Robert Lowell, The Dolphin (Pulitzer Prize)
James Merrill,  Yellow Pages
A.R. Ammons, Sphere: The Form of a Motion
David Wagoner, Sleeping in the Woods
Adrienne Rich, Diving into the Wreck (National Book Award)
Gary Snyder, Turtle Island
Leslie Marmon Silko, Laguna Women: Poems



Gary Snyder, Turtle Island (Pulitzer Prize)
Maxine Kumin, House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate
Charles Wright, Bloodlines
Susan Howe,Charting at the Crystal Sea
Robert Pinsky, Sadness and Happiness
Louise Gluck, The House on Marshland
Robert Penn Warren, Democracy and Poetry
Robert Hayden, Angles of Ascent: New and Selected Poems
John Ashbery, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (National Book Critics Circle Award)

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